The Cleaning Industry Management Standard

CIMS-Green Building

Become a greener organisation

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and green cleaning with CIMS-Green Building.

Implemented as the sixth dimension of CIMS, the criteria and designation offer cleaning organisations a certification that is closely tailored to provide their customers with precisely what they need to secure points under the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED EB: O&M) Green Building Rating System, while greening their operations overall.

As such, CIMS-Green Building certification demonstrates an organisation’s capability to assist customers in achieving LEED EB: O&M points and offers customers assurance that the organisation they select is prepared to partner with them in the LEED process.

CIMS-Green Building is an internationally recognised certification programme that provides third-party verification for cleaning operations that seek to develop a comprehensive green cleaning programme and offer sustainable cleaning services.

The CIMS-Green Building framework is designed to improve performance in the areas of sustainable product usage, improved occupant wellness, asset preservation, and waste diversion.


1. Optional pillar of the CIMS Programme

2. Specific framework ensuring an organisation uses environmentally preferred practices.

3. Designed to help organisations develop a comprehensive green cleaning programme.

Areas covered include:
– Green Cleaning Policy
– Green / High-Performance Cleaning Programme
– Products & Materials
– Cleaning Equipment
– Entryway systems
– Recycling

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